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“Simo’s new self-titled full-length is such a glorious piece of rocking blues in the tradition of Hendrix, Michael Bloomfield and other guitar-crazy heroes of the distant past.” – Edd Hurt


Released Nov. 11, 2011



  1. AOH
  2. Shake It
  3. Fool For You
  4. Young Man, Old Man
  5. Clementia’s Lament
  6. What’s On Your Mind
  7. That Same Thing
  8. Thank You Tony Jones
  9. Evil


JD Simo – Guitar & Vocals
Frank Swart – Bass
Adam Abrashoff – Drums


Produced by Frank Swart
Recorded at Fry Pharmacy by Scott McEwen
Mastered by Joseph M. Palmaccio & Bob Irwin


Physical Editions located in our Shop.
Digital available below.