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Let Love Show The Way
Release Date: Jan. 26, 2016
Mascot Label Group


  1. Stranger’s Blues (Elmore James)
  2. Two Timin’ Woman (Abrashoff, Shapiro, Simo)
  3. Can’t Say Her Name (Abrashoff, Shapiro, Simo, Swart)
  4. I Lied (Abrashoff, Bednarik, Simo)
  5. Please (Simo)
  6. Long May You Sail (Abrashoff, Simo, Swart)
  7. I’ll Always Be Around (Simo)
  8. Becky’s Last Occupation (Abrashoff, Simo, Swart)
  9. I’d Rather Die In Vain (Abrashoff, Simo, Swart)
  10. Today I’m Here (Proler, Simo)


  1. Let Love Show the Way (Abrashoff, Simo, Swart)
  2. Ain’t Doin’ Nothin’ (Abrashoff, Shapiro, Simo)
  3. Please Be With Me (Scott Boyer)

Produced by: JD Simo
Engineered by: Nick Worley
Assistant Engineer: Dillon Stewart
Mixed by: Nick Worley
Mastered by: Alex McCullough, Yes Master

Recorded at:
The Big House Museum Macon, GA
Pam’s Nemesis Studio Nashville, TN

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Digital available below.





SIMO is:
JD Simo – Vocals, guitars
Adam Abrashoff – Drums
Elad Shapiro – Bass

Adam Bednarik on bass tracks 4,5
Justin Smith on bass tracks 6,7,8

Management: ABI – Aaron Frank, Brian Penix
Legal: Ferrara Entertainment Law – Nick Ferrara, Esq. and Robert “Riff” Pisarek, Esq.
Photography by: Ed Rode Photography
Album Graphic Design and Packaging by: Roy Koch

Special Thanks and appreciation to Ed and the whole Mascot family, Nick Worley, Joe Bonamassa, Greg Allman, Tommy Emmanuel, Roy Weisman, Mike Gray, Ronny Proler, Charlie Daughtry, Chris Stewart, Walter and Christie Carter, Richard and Megan Brent, Robert Schneck, Dillon Stewart, Joe Glaser, Kim Hoover, Scot Lamar, Ed Rode, Hugh Gilmartin and all at Daddario, Rick Gembar and the Gibson Custom Shop, Mike Voltz, George Metropoulos, Mitch Colby, Jim Hill, Jim Weyandt, Zac Childs, Gary Bohannon, Greg Martin, Perry Margouleff, Kim, Rick, Kit, and Mudge at Cotten Music, Jack Pearson, Adam Bednarik, Charlie Starr and all of Blackberry Smoke, Paul Worley, Clint Parris, Will Newcomb, Nick Ferrara, Robert “Riff” Pisarek, Patrick Mahoney, Kurt Vitolo, Aaron Frank, Brian Penix, Craig Varian, Darin Lashinsky, Marla Frank, Jake Mittag and everyone at FPI, John Bruton, Randy Henner, Ed and Sharon King, Leah Benjamin, Karen Stevenson.

SIMO Gear:

Adam Abrashoff:
1978 Green Sparkle Ludwig kit 9×13, 16×16 and 16×18 toms-14×24 kick
5 1/2″ x 14″ Pearl Sensitone Snare
Zildjian 15” new beat hi hat’s
Zildjian 18 & 19″ K Custom Hybrid Crashes
Zildjian 21” K Custom Special Dry Ride
Zildjian 20” K Constantinople Medium Ride
Vater 8A Hickory Wood Tip Sticks
Evans Drum Heads

Elad Shapiro:
Fender Jazz Bass
1973 Acoustic 370 Head
2 Acoustic 402 cabs with original JBL speakers
Daddario Half Round Strings

JD Simo:
1960 Gibson Les Paul
1958 Gibson Flying V
1959 Gibson Les Paul
1957 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop formerly owned by Duane Allman
1959 Fender Stratocaster
Gibson Custom Shop 1275 Doubleneck
1969 Marshall Super Lead 100 watt Head
1969 Marshall 4×12 cab
1974 Traynor YGM 1×12 combo
1968 Vox Wah
Daddario Strings